Our Craft

At Robert Talbott, we pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and craftsmanship. We understand that the finest materials and time-tested processes are the foundation for classic style and impeccable clothing—and that is precisely the reputation which we have steadfastly maintained over the course of more than half a century. Our garments represent our understanding of style and workmanship, whether made in our Italian officinas or in our very own Monterey, California workshop. From our early beginnings as a cottage industry in Carmel, California, to our current position as one of the most distinguished manufacturers of fine clothing, the story of Robert Talbott is quite literally that of the American Dream, realized.

As makers, manufacturers, and purveyors of utterly distinctive design sensibility, we are committed to bringing you an iconic, American brand whose quality is second to none, all inspired by our heritage in the Monterey Bay Peninsula.

Our Roots

  • Audrey Talbott
    The call to California
    In 1950, following a siren call westward like many East Coast cosmopolites before them, Robert and Audrey Talbott and their young son, Robb, arrived in Carmel, California. They brought with them a deep-rooted sense of tradition and value, an appreciation of craft, and perhaps most importantly, an innate understanding of and dedication to quality.
    It all started with Audrey
    Audrey Talbott enjoyed sewing one-of-a-kind bowties for her husband, family, and friends. Together, Robert and Audrey began to develop an array of exceptionally fine neckwear for what was initially a small, but steadily growing group of discerning customers.
    In the business of Quality
    Step by step, Audrey and Robert’s business grew and evolved, and by 1955, the Talbotts were traveling throughout the world, commissioning the finest silk mills in Europe and Asia to produce their original designs. By the 1960s, the Robert Talbott business received national acclaim for superior quality and sophisticated design, and still today is lauded for its exquisite, Monterey-and-Italian-made clothing.

Our Difference

We are more than designers of fine clothing. We are makers. We begin our process by curating the finest materials available, and we meticulously guard the integrity of the materials and the design throughout our production, all to create an impeccable piece of clothing that we hope will be enjoyed for years to come.


Our Materials

Our selection of choice materials serves as the canvas for our creative process. Beginning with the finest fabric from the most esteemed weaving mills in Europe, Australian mother of pearl buttons, exquisite silk from Europe and Asia, and long staple, Egyptian cotton yarns, our designs are enhanced by the inherent superiority of our materials.

Our Process

We are one of a privileged few clothing lines to manufacture our own pieces, which means we have a hand in every step of the process and an exacting attention to every detail. From design conception, to material sourcing, to the placement of every last stitch, we have a holistic view of what it takes to create exemplary clothing.

Our Style

We believe that impeccable style is timeless, and that well-made clothing will always be in style. We rely on our rich heritage, our dedication to quality craftsmanship, and our discerning, sartorial eye to create a modern take on classic styles that will be inspiring for ages to come.